Ceci est en fait une page wiki GitLab interne à destination dun groupe de travail, formatée en Markdown. (il y a til un moyen de le convertir automatiquement dans lencodage du forum?) Je me suis dit que ces informations pourraient être intéressantes à dautres personnes. (Par contre soyez indulgen... For example, if the number starts with "0x", it is assumed to be in hexadecimal form. If it starts with the digits 1-9, it is assumed to be in decimal form, and so on. You can set the integer base, thereby disabling the automatic detection, by calling setIntegerBase (). ===== Menu de Configuration ===== Options compatibles avec le Basic Casio : Angle: Rad / Deg / Grad Draw Type: on / off Coord: on / off Grid: on / off Axes: on / off Label: on / off Derivative: on / off Sketch Line: Normal / Thick / Broken / Dot Nouvelles options fournies par C.Basic : ----- Display: Fix / Sci / Nrm / Eng Le nombre maximal de ... Search. Base64 to hex string converter By calling setIntegerBase(), you can specify the integer base explicitly. This will disable the auto-detection, and speed up QTextStream slightly.. Leading whitespace is skipped. QTextStream & QTextStream:: operator>> (float & f). Reads a real number from the stream and stores it in f, then returns a reference to the QTextStream.The number is cast to the correct type.

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